Provincial Court


The Adoption Act, 2013 provides for both child and adult adoptions

Child Adoptions

There are two types of applications to adopt a child. One is the traditional application done by the Director of Adoptions. The other is referred to as a step-parent and relative application to adopt.

If you are a step-parent or a relative of the child (defined as a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle or first cousin of a birth parent or a child by birth or adoption) you may make your own application to the Court to adopt the child. A copy of the Step-parent and Relative Self-help Adoption Kit, an information package created by Child Youth and Family Services which includes all of the necessary forms to apply to the Provincial Court, is available along with a list of the forms.

Adult Adoptions

Section 50 of the Adoption Act, 2013 provides for the adoption of adults. There applications do not involve the Director of Adoptions. Applications should be filed directly with the Provincial Court In order to file this application, applicants must be a resident of the Province and the adult to be adopted must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada The necessary forms for this application are available in the list of forms on this website.