Provincial Court

Services for Victims

Victims of family violence can get information and support from the Victim Services Program External Link Icon, whether or not the accused is participating in Family Violence Intervention Court. A Victim Services Regional Coordinator is available to assist victims when their accused has entered the FVIC. The Coordinator can:

  • Provide general information on how the criminal justice system works, including the FVIC.
  • Provide updated information on the accused regarding court appearances.
  • Help the victim to write a Victim Impact Statement.
  • Assist the victim in preparing a safety plan.
  • Access counselling for the victim.
  • Bring information to the team that the victim would like shared regarding safety.
  • With consent, refer the victim to other agencies for help.
  • Explain the programming the accused will be taking and make arrangements for the victim to meet or speak with the counsellors providing the programming, so that any questions the victim may have will be answered. This also provides the victim a chance to hear about new skills the accused is learning.