Provincial Court

Victim Services

Victim Services is a dedicated justice service for victims. The program is based on the principles that victims should be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect, that victims should suffer the minimum of necessary inconvenience from their involvement with the criminal justice system, and that victims should receive prompt and fair redress for the harm they have suffered.

Victim Services provides the following services:

  • General information about the criminal justice system to help you understand how it works.
  • Updated information on what is happening with your case.
  • Pre-court preparation so you can participate more meaningfully in the court process.
  • Help with preparing a Victim Impact Statement, if you wish to complete one.
  • Identifying and referring you to specialized community resources, if you need them.
  • Providing emotional support and short-term counselling as you prepare to go through court.

The Victim Services program is voluntary and services are free and confidential. Individuals may decide that they do not require any services, or they may want to take advantage of some or all service options. Victim Services also helps with awareness and educational activities regarding the issues of victims/survivors.

For more information, please see the Victim Services website.