Provincial Court


Lunch with a Judge

The Lunch with a Judge program aims to cultivate a public that is properly informed about the justice system by targeting those members of society who have the potential to enter the system at the earliest age. Additionally, the program assists teachers in their efforts to address school issues such as bullying, drug and alcohol use, physical assault, etc. that can potentially involve the justice system.

This deterrence program is set up for children in sixth grade that are about to enter middle school or junior high. It is at this age that most children become familiar with bullying, drug and alcohol use, and other dangerous activities. The three main messages delivered include:

  • The importance of a good reputation - A good reputation can open doors, while a bad one can close them. How do you get a good reputation? Work hard, play hard and fair, and care for yourself and others.
  • The importance of avoiding a criminal record - Certificates of Conduct are often required for paid and/or voluntary work, traveling across borders, and entry into many professions. The length of time a youth record remains active is also discussed.
  • Future implications of drugs and alcohol - A person does not know in advance where drug and alcohol use will take them. Most cases that come before the Court involve people who are addicted or have problems handling the effects of drug and alcohol.