Access to Proceedings and Documents

General Information and Court Guide

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to the openness of the court process. Openness is one of the cornerstones of the Canadian legal system. With that said, there are instances where legislation, the common law, or a court order may limit the public and the media’s right to access court proceedings and documents. To provide some guidance on this topic, the Supreme Court has developed the attached guide setting when and how persons may access the court:

 Request Forms and Undertakings

Please also see the following forms, which you may need to complete to get access to certain documents/records maintained by the court:

For information on what forms you need to complete, please see the Guide linked above.

Getting Notice of Applications to Restrict Access to Court Proceedings and Records

Parties sometimes make applications to limit the public’s right to attend court proceedings or access the court record. In some of these cases, a judge may direct that members of the media be notified of the hearing date for the application, so that they may attend and request standing to argue against the restriction on access. Where this occurs, the court will send out this notification from its Twitter account. The court’s Twitter handle for this purpose is:


If you are a member of the Media, and wish to be made aware of such applications, please ensure you follow our account.